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2019 Exhibition Documentary:Who is the popular king in the accessories exhibition area?

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As a practitioner of building a digital factory, Yuanlang stood out from the accessories market. Its electric motorcycle controllers preferred the "18-tube diamond controller" and the new national standard "small King kong" to appear at the Nanjing exhibition, becoming the popular king of the accessories area.


New King Kong controller, stands out of the accessories market

At the Nanjing exhibition in full swing, there are countless accessories brands, among which,the king of popularity is the strongest brain- Yuanlang Controller. Today, with the application and introduction of intelligent technology, Yuanlang is already at the forefront of the national controller industry. In this Nanjing exhibition, Yuanlang brought a new star product: 18-tube King Kong controller.


The 18-tube King Kong Controller is another new work of the Nanjing Yuanlang King Kong Series. Its gestation process devoted the efforts of the Yuanlang people. As the key product of Nanjing Yuanlang 2019, its good is all-round, from the appearance design ,materials’ selection, structure, infusion of craftsmanship and soul, all are the progress of the industry.


The 18-tube King Kong controller is specially designed for electric motorcycles. It uses permanent magnet synchronous motor field-oriented control, which can achieve 96 volts. It has strong stability, low noise, good driving control characteristics, stable start-up, and improved cruising range. Soon after its launch, it has won many favorable comments, signed a large number of orders, adopted by domestic mainstream car companies, and has now been shipped in batches, becoming a dark horse in the aftermarket.


To be the leading practitioners of building digital factories

In the 19-year history of Yuanlang, technological innovation is the biggest driving force. It insists on serving customers with high-end quality and core technology to bring consumers a more comfortable, safe and intelligent riding experience. As a practitioner of building digital factories, Yuanlang has a deep insight into the trends and the importance of digital factories.

Through intelligent manufacturing, Yuanlang breaks the traditional production process, production mode and management method, realizes a highly flexible configuration of controller production, and creates an MES intelligent manufacturing execution system. In the era of new national standards with stricter technical standards, Yuanlang has created truly high-quality supporting products and become the main theme of the industry accessories. Good products must be made from parts and components. Only by really improving the technological content of parts and components can the quality of the whole vehicle be greatly improved. Choosing Yuanlang means choosing intelligent manufacturing.


Sum Up

Relying on its quality and technology, Yuanlang has set an example with practical actions and used intelligent technology to become a practitioner of building a digital factory, adding to China's intelligent manufacturing. The excellent products produced by Yuanlang have become the most popular king in the Nanjing exhibition area. I believe that on the way to the future, Yuanlang will continue to move forward and create greater glories.

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