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3 Tips Recognition method of electric tricycle controller

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  1. Observe the back pressure control ability

Choose a car with a higher power, unplug the battery, choose a charger to power the Electric Tricycle Controller, and connect the e-abs enable terminal to ensure that the brake lever switch is in good contact. Rotate the handle slowly. Too fast the charger cannot output a large current, which will cause undervoltage, which will allow the motor to reach the highest speed, brake quickly, and repeat it many times, without mos damage.

When braking, the voltage at the output terminal of the charger will rise rapidly, which tests the instantaneous voltage limiting capability of the controller. This test is basically ineffective if it is tested with a battery. This test can also be carried out during a fast descent, and brakes are applied when the car reaches the highest speed.

2. Current control ability

Connect a fully charged battery. The larger the capacity, the better. Let the motor reach the highest speed first, and select two motor output lines to short-circuit, repeat it for more than 30 times, and there should be no mos damage; then let the motor reach the highest speed, use the battery positive and An optional motor wire is short-circuited and repeated 30 times. This is more severe than the above test. The internal resistance of one mos is missing in the loop, and the instantaneous short-circuit current is larger, which tests the rapid current control ability of the controller.

Many controllers will make a fool of yourself in this link. If there is damage, you can compare the number of times the two controllers successfully withstand a short circuit, the less the worse; if you unplug a motor cable, pull the handle to the maximum, the motor will not run at this time , Quickly connect another motor wire, the motor should be able to rotate immediately, and one of the motor wires should be plugged and unplugged repeatedly while the motor is rotating, and the controller should work normally. This part of the experiment can verify the reliability design of the controller software and hardware.

3. Check the efficiency of the controller

Turn off the speeding function. If available, test the maximum speeds reached by different controllers in the same car with no load. The higher the maximum speed, the higher the efficiency and the higher the cruising range.

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