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5 Tips Repair of Electric Vehicle Controller

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1.When there is no output from the electric vehicle controller

  • Set the multimeter at +20 hair(DC), first measure the high and low potential of the gate output signal. 

  • If the gate signal has more than 4V potential change when pinching the gate, then the gate fault can be excluded.

  • Then in accordance with the brush controller commonly used on the foot function table, with the measured voltage value of the main control ShiDaoMin logic chip for circuit analysis, and check whether the value of each chip peripheral device (resistors, capacitors, diodes) and components on the surface of the logo consistent.

  • The final check of peripheral devices or integrated circuit failure, we can remove the fault by replacing the same type of device.

2.When the Brushless Controller of An Electric Vehicle Has No Output At All

  • Refer to the brushless motor controller main phase check measurement chart, using a multimeter DC voltage +50V gear, test whether the 6 MOS tube gate voltage and the rotation angle of the handle are in correspondence. 

  • If not, the PWM circuit or MOS tube drive circuit in the controller is faulty.

  • Refer to the main phase check diagram of the brushless controller, measure whether the voltage of the input and output pins of the chip corresponds to the rotation angle of the handle, you can determine which chip is faulty, replace the same type of chip to remove the fault.

3.When the power supply to the control components of the brush controller of an electric vehicle is not normal

  • Electric car controller internal power supply is generally used three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit, generally with 7805, 7806, 7812, 7815 three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit, their output voltage are 5V, 6V, 12V, 15V.

  • Will be set in the multimeter DC voltage +20V (DC) gear, the multimeter black meter pen and red meter pen are leaning on the black line and red line of the handle, observe the multimeter readings with the nominal voltage, their upper and lower voltage difference should not exceed 0.2V.

  • Otherwise, the controller internal power supply failure, general brush controller can be eliminated by replacing the three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit failure. 

4.When the brushless controller of an electric vehicle is out of phase

  • The main phase is out of phase detection method can refer to the electric car brush controller flying troubleshooting method, detect MOS tube breakdown, brushless controller MOS tube breakdown is generally a phase of the upper and lower two pairs of MOS tube breakdown at the same time, replace to ensure that the same time to replace. Check the measurement points.

  • The electric car brushless controller's Hall phase deficiency is manifested as the controller can not identify the motor Hall signal.

5.Problems with starting the electric vehicle

  • If the motor itself is noisy or overheated, it may lead to a noisy start after a longer period of use, the solution: replace the motor.

  • If the controller and motor matching problem, the controller software processing is not perfect, the compatibility is not strong. Solution: Replace the controller.

  • If the motor resonates with the e-bike after starting at a certain speed, the solution: change to another e-bike or the controller is specially matched for this kind of car.


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