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6 Tips Diagnosis Electric Rickshaw Controller Cannot Rotate

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Diagnosis and maintenance: 

 1. Insufficient power, the Electric Rickshaw Controller  has reached the undervoltage protection state.

 2. Check whether the line is in bad contact, and when the speed increases, the current increases and the power is 

"impeded" and the power is turned off. This is often virtual welding! 

3. Problems with the controller. The internal parts of the controller are soldered or the internal parts are damaged. Electric vehicles have an undervoltage value. When driving to the undervoltage point, the controller will stop power supply or slow down. The 48V electric vehicle is a 42V undervoltage point, and the 60V electric vehicle is a 52V undervoltage point. 

4. Open the power supply lock, test whether the voltage of the controller lock line is present, test the 5V power supply line of the handle, the 5V power supply line of the Hall, the high-level brake high brake line should be low level, and the high brake is high power Flat and low-level brakes are the opposite. Slowly turn the motor wheel. The three phase wires of the controller have induced voltages. The three signal wires of the Hall (thin wires yellow, green and blue) also have a varying voltage of 0-5 volts with rotation. Change, the motor with changed voltage means the Hall is normal! 

5. To measure whether the handle has a signal, please check the signal line of the handle. When the handle is not twisted, there is a voltage of 0.8V-1.0V. When it is screwed to the maximum, there is a voltage of 3.5V-4.0V. normal! 

6.The brake is powered off, the Hall, the handle is removed, or if the power is not left, it is the controller failure!

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