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Basic Functions of Electric Wheelchair Controller

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1.Switching on and off

Press the power switch to turn on the electric wheelchair controller and the self-test routines of the controller are evoked at the same time, with the power indicator and speed indicator fully lit for 2 seconds and then extinguished. In the non-charging mode, if the self-test is accomplished, the controller enters a normal work pattern after a short beeping of the buzzer. If the self-test fails, the controller enters the error pattern after 5-second beeping of the buzzer. In the charging mode, the power indicators are lit in sequence to indicate the charging state. In the powered-on state, press the power switch, all lights go off and the system shuts down.   

2.Basic operations to control the wheelchair

When the control handle is pushed forward, the wheelchair moves forward. At this point, the electromagnetic valve shuts to release the brakes and drive the motor so that the wheelchair moves forward. The greater the stroke of the handle the greater the speed of the wheelchair. Similarly, when the handle is pushed backward the wheelchair moves backward and when it is pushed to the left or right the wheelchair turns in the corresponding direction.

By releasing the control handle, the driver gives the motor a braking force and when the wheelchair stops the electromagnetic valve is released, locking the motor so that the wheelchair does not slip. 

3.Speed control

The speed of the wheelchair can be controlled by the accelerating and decelerating buttons. The speed indicator shows the current maximum speed. There are 5 speed gears, each press on the accelerating button increase the speed by one gear. When reaching the 5th gear, the speed will not go up anymore. Each press on the decelerating button decreases the speed by one gear. When reduced to the 1st gear, the speed will not decrease anymore. Each press on the button is companied by a short-beeping of the buzzer. The beeping sounds for the highest speed gear and the lowest speed gear are different from others.

4.Battery level indicator

The battery level indicator shows the battery level, with more lights on indicating more power. When the battery is almost depleted with only one light on and the last light flashes as the charge continues to fall and the buzzer intermittently alerts that the battery needs to be recharged. When the battery is below the minimum level for normal operation, the last light flashes frequently and the buzzer alerts, the wheelchair cannot be driven any further.

5.Charging the battery

The battery can be charged by means of a special charger. To charge the battery, the charger needs to be connected to the charging port and the mains electricity. The charging status is shown by the indicator light. The controller can be switched off and on during charging, when on, the controller shows the charging status. In the charging state, the control handle is out of function and the wheelchair cannot be driven.

6.The buzzer

Press the horn button, the buzzer beeps to call attention. Release the horn button, the buzzer will stop beeping immediately. In response to a long press on the button, the buzzer will beep for 10 seconds and then stop.

The buzzer will beep to call attention when reversing.

7.Locking up

Pressing the speed up button and speed down button at the same time when the controller is switched on achieves the shift between the locking up mode and the normal mode. This mode of the wheelchair does not change after the power is switched off or run out. In lock mode, the speed indicator does not light up and the handle cannot control the wheelchair. This function is used to prevent the vehicle from being operated by others by mistake.

8.USB charging

Through the USB charging port, a 5V power supplier can provide a maximum charging current of 2.1A for charging external portable devices such as mobile phones and IPADs (the actual charging current is determined by the connected device). In addition, the USB charging port can be used to charge external devices in either the on or off state. Charging is achieved by plugging the charging device into the USB port via a data cable or charging cable.

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