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Benefits of High Quality E Rickshaw Motor Controller

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If you have understood the principles and functions of the Electric Rickshaw Controller you will know that the Electric Rickshaw Controller is as important to the Electric Rickshaws as the heart is to us. This makes it necessary to choose high-quality electric rickshaw controllers even more important.

Nanjing Yuanlang fully upgraded 24-tube 1200W electric tricycle brushless controller combines high performance and high quality, we will explain why below.

High performance

The number of transistors: 24 tube

The number of transistors in an electric tricycle controller is usually 15, 18, or 24. This electric tricycle brushless controller uses 24 transistors. Generally speaking, the more transistors the controller uses, the greater the output current of the controller, and the more stable the controller will work.

For the same price, if you choose one with more transistors, the life of the controller can be longer. The number of 24 transistors can undoubtedly provide good working capabilities for an electric three-wheeler.

High wattage: 1200W

Since the overload capacity of the electric rickshaw motor is good but the overload capability of the controller is poor, the electric vehicle motor needs to be equipped with a controller with slightly larger power. Within this range, the performance of the motor and the controller can be better exerted.

The power of the electric tricycle comes from the electric motor. Level ground or climbing is related to the rated power of the electric motor. The controller only has the function of no-load and switch.

Under the premise that the rated power of the motor is certain, the climbing performance of the electric tricycle is basically finalized. The 1200w Rickshaw Controller is suitable for most motors. It can bring good kinetic energy to the rickshaw.

Safety features: Anti-burning/Anti-tampering

Cover material: Imported pure PC material

  • Flame retardancy: The flame retardant level reaches the highest level of V0, which is extinguished from fire.

  • Weather Resistance: PC can withstand various weather conditions, including rain, sunlight, and temperature changes.

In the temperature range of -40℃~130℃, it is not melted, or brittle. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications such as e-rickshaws where the controller is exposed to the elements.

The waterproof performance reaches the IP67 level in the international IEC529 standard, that is, the anti-immersion type (it will not enter the interior even if it is immersed in water under specified conditions), so there is no need to worry about rainwater entering.

  • Chemical Resistance: While PC is not immune to all chemicals, it has good resistance to many substances commonly found in automotive and industrial environments, adding another layer of protection to the controller.

Upgrade: Wireless

Upgraded from wires-type controller to wireless integrated controller. This not only makes the appearance of the product more concise but also has benefits in other aspects.

Easy to install

As we know, a wired E Rickshaw Controller uses physical wires to transmit signals between components, which make it requires more effort and time for installation due to the need to lay and secure wires properly.

Wireless Integrated E Rickshaw Controller uses wireless technology (such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) to transmit signals, so there is no need to lay and fix wires, making installation easier and faster and improving the production efficiency of the tricycle.

Additionally, wireless controllers offer greater flexibility in terms of where they can be installed within the vehicle. No need to worry about the physical limitations of wires.

Reduce maintenance and replacement costs

Since there are fewer physical connections, the risk of damage to wires, connectors, and terminals is lower, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.


Wireless systems can be more easily expanded or modified as needed, without the need to reconfigure or replace physical wiring.

Company Profile

Nanjing Yuanlang Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 20 years. It is the earliest professional enterprise in China engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of electric vehicle speed regulation systems and control systems.

On the basis of ensuring product quality and efficiency, Yuan Lang strives to provide customers with new products with technological content. It is a designated supplier of well-known electric vehicle factories. Yuan Lang emphasizes process control and is equipped with nearly 200 sets of complete testing equipment to monitor and test every production and service process of the company.

In terms of the production of electric tricycle controllers, Yuen Long's technical staff are not satisfied with the market and constantly try to break through technical problems in order to produce new products that are convenient for people. And this Wireless Integrated E Rickshaw Controller is the latest technological achievement.

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