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China Electric Rickshaw Controller Manufacturer

Our China Electric Rickshaw Controller has an automatic self-learning function, which can automatically learn the motor phase, and repair the motor if the motor hall is damaged, so that the electric rickshaw can continue to be used.

Product Description

China Electric Rickshaw Controller Manufacturer Anti-burning/Anti-tampering

1 .Cover material

a. Imported pure PC material with high hardness

b. The flame retardant level reaches the highest level of V0,that is extinguished from fire.

c. In the temperature range of -40℃~130℃, it is not melted, brittle or deformed. 

2. Wiring

a. Two ends of the cable exit, the layout of the wiring is more reasonable (heat dissipation on both sides to improve the cooling elfect)

b. Thick and thin lines are separated, and thin lines are routed separately. 

c. Higher stability, reduce the repair rate



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