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Differences Between the Wheelchair Brushless Motor and The Wheelchair Brush Motor

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As electric wheelchair prevails, the competition in the electric wheelchair market become more fierce. Many businesses have tried to adjust the price and the look of their electric wheelchairs. Even, some highlight special parts of their products to attract customers, for example, the wheelchair brushless motor and the wheelchar brush motor. This article will tell you about the differences between the two kinds of wheelchairs. 


When the wheelchar brushless motor works, the coil and commutator rotate while the magnets and carbon brushes remain still. The alternating change in the direction of the coil current is achieved by the commutator and brushes that rotate with the motor. In the electric vehicle industry, brush motors are divided into high-speed brush motors and low-speed brush motors. There are many differences between brush and brushless motors. From the names,  you can know that brush motors have carbon brushes while brushless motors do not have carbon brushes.

The brushless DC motor consists of the motor body and the drive and is a typical mechatronic product. As the brushless DC motor operates in a self-controlled manner, there is no additional starting winding on the rotor (which is necessary in the case of synchronous motors with heavy load starting under frequency regulation) and no oscillation or malfunction during sudden changes in load.

Brushless motors are upgraded products with better performance and a longer lifetime. However, the control circuit of the brushless motor is more complex and has higher requirements on the components. Although the brushless motor has a longer service life, control circuit failure is prone to occur. Therefore, strict tests should be carried out to ensure the quality and reliability of the brushless motor. With the continuous upgrading of technology, brushless motor technology has become quite mature. The brush DC motor is a high-speed motor and has gears with very small teeth that are easy to be worn out. The brush DC motor can provide great strength to help the wheelchair to go up a hill. The brushless DC motor saves you the trouble of changing carbon brushes after two or three years of use. However, the process of controlling brushless motors requires a very high degree of precision. Moreover, the brushless motor controller is more expensive. In contrast to brushless DC motors, although the brush motor requires replacing the carbon brushes, the replacing process is quite easy,  the control of the motor is much easier, the motor runs smoothly and safely.

A brush motor is a motor with a DC input, and the controller regulates the current to regulate the speed; while a brushless motor is actually a three-phase AC motor, which relies on the controller to convert DC into three-phase AC. Directly speaking, the brushless motor has a longer service life than the brush motor, and the brushless motor consumes less power. However, the controller of the brushless motor is more costly than that of the brush motor. At present, almost all brush motors have been eliminated.

To sum up, there is no absolute conclusion as to which motor is better. The answer depends on what kind of equipment the motor works for. The brushless motor with high efficiency and low energy consumption is better for the high rpm equipment. 

The brush motor with stable performance and great power is better for low-speed equipment. The performance and quality of the motor are not determined by the brush, thus what matters is whether you choose a proper one

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