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  • Electric rickshaw Controller manufacturer's introduction to ebike sine wave controller

The Popularity of Sine Wave Controllers

Nowadays, with the popularity of sine waves, more and more motors have begun to choose to use sine wave controllers for control, and some square wave controllers are replaced by sine wave controllers. The square wave control is simple and easy to implement. It also takes a long time and is relatively mature for traditional industries, but there are limitations in terms of noise requirements, and sine waves just solve this problem. However, for engineers, the choice of square wave and sine wave controllers is quite tangled. With the continuous improvement and maturity of electric vehicle/electric tricycle technology, the needs of end customers are constantly being updated and upgraded. In recent years, During our communication with customers, we also found that customers' demand for "sine wave" controllers ebike sine wave controller is gradually increasing.



Introduction to Sine Wave Ebike Controller

So what is a "sine wave" controller? What is the difference between them and our traditional "square wave" controller, and what are their advantages?


Before we understand the "sine wave" controller, we first need to understand a concept-"sine wave" motor. The "sine wave" generator belongs to a practical new design generator. In view of the fact that the rotor of the existing generator has straight poles, the steel sheet of the rotor has no holes, the two ends of the rotor have no end plates, it is a metal cage structure, there are stator tooth harmonics and stator armature reaction, which causes the air gap magnetic field to distort, then the output The voltage waveform is distorted.


Based on the above considerations, Nanjing Yuen Long Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. has launched a full range of "sine wave" controllers based on the specific needs of global customers, including the sine wave ebike controller and the sine wave brushless controller.Controller, electric motorcycle "sine wave" controller, and electric rickshaw "sine wave" controller for the Southeast Asian market (especially Vietnam) and South Asian market (especially India).




Characteristics of Sine Wave Ebike Controller

The advantages of square wave motors have large starting torque and strong load. The "sine wave" of an electric vehicle refers to the controller. The motor of this electric vehicle is alternating current, and the alternating current is a sine wave. 


Therefore, the voltage output by the controller must be a "sine wave". The correction wave or square wave cannot be provided. Motor use.Mute and soft start are affirmative, this is also the biggest advantage of "sine wave". In summary, the comfort is quite good. If you use the "sine wave" and then use the square wave controller, you will feel very uncomfortable.

At the same time, the "sine wave" will increase the torque at low speed due to the relatively high utilization of magnetic field torque at low speeds. Because of this advantage, the "sine wave" will save electricity relatively.



Advantages of Sine Wave Ebike Controller

The driving is silent and no noise, and people get a comfortable enjoyment in driving.

  • In the case of heavy load climbing, the square wave shows the weaker and weaker the climb, while the sine wave can crawl at a constant speed, and the torque is8%-10% larger than the square wave.
  • Large starting torque produces faster starting acceleration.
  • Under normal driving conditions, the sine wave can achieve constant speed movement, and the riding comfort is much better than that of the square wave, while the square wave will consume a lot of current to achieve a constant speed, which shortens the continuous mileage; Under normal driving conditions, it is obvious that the sine wave speed is greater than the square wave speed, and the continued mileage will be relatively long about 5-10 kilometers.
  • The effective field weakening speed increase of sine wave can reach up to 20%, but the torque is not reduced, which ensures the market demand of high speed and large torque, while the torque becomes smaller after the square wave speed increase. For example, when driving at the same speed, a sine wave is stronger than a square wave; under the same torque, a sine wave is faster than a square wave.
  • When the torque is under certain conditions, the sine wave adopts the maximum torque current control, the corresponding input current is reduced, the iron loss of the motor is reduced, and the demagnetization protection effect of the magnet is good, which can realize the high efficiency operation of the motor. The square wave cannot achieve this. Therefore, the sine wave scheme can reduce the iron loss and extend the life of the motor.
  • Because it saves electricity, the battery life will be extended by 25%.



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