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Electric Scooter Controller

   The electric bicycle controller is used to control the electric vehicle motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices of the electric vehicle core control device, it is like the brain of the electric vehicle, is an important part of the electric vehicle. The electric vehicle mainly includes the electric bicycle, the electric two-wheeled motorcycle, the electric scooter motor controller ,the electric tricycle, the electric three-wheeled motorcycle, the electric four-wheeled vehicle, the electric battery car and so on, the electric vehicle controller also has the different performance and the characteristic because of the different model.

   The electric bicycle controller is the core control device used to control the starting, running, advancing and retreating, speed, stopping and other electronic devices of the electric vehicle/bike motor. It is like the brain of the electric vehicle/bike and an important component on the electric vehicle/bike. Electric vehicles mainly include electric bicycles, electric two-wheeled motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric three-wheeled motorcycles, electric four-wheeled vehicles, battery cars, etc. The electric vehicle controllers also have different performances and characteristics because of different vehicle models.Yuanlang’s main products of electric bike brushless motor controller,working voltage ranges from 24v to 84v,power ranges from 250w to 5000w,meet most of the needs of the electric vehicle controller market.The best-selling brushless 24v 250w 6tubes electric scooter controller and 48v 3000w 24tubes electric rickshaw controller will surely be your first choice.

technical essential:

Ultra quiet design technology: the unique current control algorithm, can be applied to any kind of brush electric vehicle motor, and has a considerable control effect, improve the general adaptability of electric vehicle controller, so that electric vehicle motor and controller no longer need to match.Constant current control technology: the blocking current of electric vehicle controller is completely consistent with the dynamic running current, which guarantees the battery life and improves the starting torque of electric vehicle motor.

  • Electric Scooter Controller
    Optimize the structure design to make the large current passable.Improving the fixation, enhancing the stability and improving the fire performance to a greater extent
    Basic parameters:

    Applicable models: electric scooter

    Voltage range: 24-36V

    Power range: 250W-350W

    Maximum current: 15A

    Waterproof rating: IP67

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