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Electric Wheelchair Gear Motor by Sale

Yuanlang is 8 inch Electric Wheelchair Gear Motor by Sale.supplier, manufacturer and wholesaler.

Basic parameters:

No-load speed:3400rpm

Output speed: 150rpm

Efficiency (%): ≥85

Brake type : Electromagnetic brake

Reduction Ratio: 23:1

Noise Grade (dB): ≤60

Product Description

Electric Wheelchair Gear Motor by Sale is an upgrade product, its life performance is better than brush motor. However, the control circuit is more complex, and the requirements of aging screening are strict. Although the motor life is long, but the control circuit is prone to trouble. Therefore, the selection of brushless motor must go through a strict reliability test to ensure the quality. , but as the technology continues to upgrade a few steps, brushless motor technology has become quite mature. In the actual production process, because the brush-toothed dc motor is a high-speed motor, the teeth of the gear are small and easy to wear, but the strength is large and the climbing ability is strong. Brushless dc motor, in the use of the process to save two or three years of trouble to change the carbon brush. But in the control of the brushless motor process, high precision is required. And, brushless motor controller price is higher also. In contrast, the brushless dc motor is very easy to replace the carbon brush although it needs to replace the carbon brush. Besides, the control of the motor is relatively simple, the motor runs smoothly and has a high safety coefficient.

   Based on current market demand,we,yuanlang, independently developed the cost-effective,high efficiency, long working lifts pan, free of maintenance,optional quick release DC brushless electric gear motor and 360 degree programmable joystick controller,this drive system of motor and controller can be used not only in electric folding wheelchairs, but also in electric logistics transmission vehicles and intelligent robots. In order to make our brushless wheelchair motors and controllers more widely used and be with better application experience, we are equipped our motor with 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch hub wheels, travel speed ranges from 6km/h to 10km/h (if you have special request for the speed,please contact us directly,as the speed is customized).


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