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Functional characteristics of electric tricycle controller

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Electric tricycles are the longest travel tools used for freight, travel, and express delivery. Because electric tricycles are small, environmentally friendly, and have little waste of resources, they are often widely used by everyone. The controller in the electric tricycle has a very important role. So, what is the role of the electric tricycle controller?

1. The advantages of fast start-up speed, ultra-quiet start-up, etc.

   2. With anti-speeding, short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, peak current protection, average current protection and other functions.

   3. The anti-speeding function solves the speeding phenomenon of the brushless controller due to the fault of the handlebar circuit, and improves the safety of the system.

   4. The short-circuit protection function prevents any two-terminal short-circuit or three-terminal full-short circuit of the output terminals of the three phase wires of the motor, and the controller will not burn out.

   5. The under-voltage protection function allows the user to promptly replace the battery when the battery power is insufficient.

   6. Peak current protection can effectively protect the impact of the instantaneous peak current generated during the use of the controller on the MOS tube.

   7. The average current protection effectively protects the motor and MOS tube when the motor is blocked.

   The above is the functional characteristics of the electric tricycle controller, I hope to help everyone, can fully understand the main role of the electric tricycle controller.

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