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How Can You Install and Replace the Electric Motor in Wheelchair?

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Wheelchair failures can cause injury and hinder movement and social involvement for any electric wheelchair motor user. Poor wheelchair maintenance raises the danger of wheelchair malfunction, physical damage, or death, as well as medical care cost.

Between 1991 and 2016, the number of wheelchair users who were wounded as a result of a breakdown has more than doubled. According to a study made in 2016 study, almost 18% of the users of wheelchairs suffer an accident connected to their wheelchair each year.

In addition, 44 to 57% said they had experienced wheelchair problems at least once in the previous 6 months. About 20 to 30% of users said they missed work or appointments, were trapped at home or while away from home, sometimes even were wounded as a result of the breakdown.

The motor is always the most important part of a power wheelchair's operation. You already know how important it is to maintain your wheelchair on a regular basis if you use one. Many owners, however, are unsure when the motor has to be replaced or repaired.

The following info will assist you in determining when your wheelchair motor must be replaced or repaired.

Signs that your wheelchair motor needs repair/replacement

Note the following few signs that will alert you when you must replace the motor of your wheelchair:

  • Unusual performance while using the wheelchair

  • Burning smell

  • Sluggish performance

  • Unusual sounds appear from the motor.

Few risks if you postpone your motor repair/replacement                                                                                      

Many wheelchair users discover indicators that the motor is malfunctioning and has to be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, delaying replacement will just exacerbate the problem. Allowing procrastination or a hectic schedule to get in the way will put you in danger of the following:

  • You may get stranded either at your home or in a certain public place

  • You may end up damaging any other wheelchair components too

  • Interference of the daily schedule

  • You will be worried about further breaking down

  • You may remain alone for hours and wait hours for any help to arrive

  • Often you may request strangers to help you if you are stranded in a certain public place

How to replace the motor?

It is always advisable to call any professional technician to replace the motor of your wheelchair. Unless you have got the proper knowledge and training in handling motor, you must not try to replace it in a DIY way.

If you are a technical person and have enough experience in handling such repairs at your home of your own then you must first refer to the manual provided by the wheelchair supplier.

You can find the schematic provided for the motor and try to understand them first. Always you must work after removing the battery connection of the motor before you try to handle the motor.

There will be a few screws that have been used to assemble the motor on your wheelchair. You must first remove the power connection of the motor and unscrew the motor fittings. Make sure that you have got the replacement motor which is of the same specification that of the original motor.

If you are familiar with technical work then replacing the motor can be a breeze. Otherwise, take the help of any professional.

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