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How Can You Troubleshoot Your Electric Wheelchair?

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Wheelchairs can be the most crucial and freeing day-to-day tool for those with mobility concerns or disabilities, but problems will always arise.

Whether the wheelchair's mechanisms have failed or you are experiencing difficulties with the chair's comfort, frequent wheelchair flaws can make them far more annoying to use than usually they should be.

A power wheelchair's motor is a critical component that keeps it functioning properly. Although your power wheelchair motor mostly remains concealed under other wheelchair features, it does not mean it has to be overlooked. Most power wheelchairs come with owner's manuals that explain how to properly care for the motor.

As a result of your wheelchair straining the device to its limitations, motors are frequently broken and misused. This may cause the wheelchair's engine to abruptly stop, leaving the user stranded at home or any public place. You can avoid this by reading the information below regarding power wheelchair motor replacement.

How will you know that your wheelchair motor needs repair?

As a user of a wheelchair, you have to remain observant of the ways your wheelchair motor is running daily. The following are the list of a few common signs that will tell you that your motor now needs to be changed:

  • Smell of burning

  • Unusual or loud sounds coming from your wheelchair motor

  • There is a feeling of heat appearing from your motor area

  • Sluggish performance of your power wheelchair

  • You observe a certain unusual performance while using your wheelchair

Once you have recognized any of these signs as mentioned above, you must consult with any professional technician who can service and repair your wheelchair. You must avoid attempting to repair in a DIY way the motor by using any conventional tools, as this may lead to either an injury to you or permanent damage to your motor.

How can you troubleshoot your wheelchair motor problems?

  • First, study the owner's manual provided for your wheelchair model, as this will assist you in troubleshooting any minor concerns. To avoid future damage to your wheelchair motor, be sure to follow all the directions to the letter.

  • If you cannot resolve the problem on your own, then you should seek assistance from the manufacturer's technical support. Over the phone, they can assess the condition and offer remedies.

  • If you are not living near their facility, they may recommend that you bring the wheelchair in for evaluation, or they may depute a technician or recommend any technician in the area in case you do not fall under the area of their facility.

  • It is worth noting that the repair may come at a cost, especially if your item is out of warranty limit or the warranty no longer applies to you.

The risks of your postponing repairs

Often many wheelchair users try to delay or postpone repairing the wheelchair motor for different reasons. It is better not to get into procrastination for a long time otherwise, you are going to take the risk of all these that are mentioned below:

  • Further damaging your wheelchair

  • Suddenly you may get stranded at your home

  • While getting stranded home all alone there is a possibility of not having access to your phone

  • You may get stranded in certain public areas where no help or assistance is available

  • You may get stranded in a certain parking lot while all other cars are driving immediately next to you

  • You may get stranded in a certain dark parking lot and no drivers can notice you

  • Your daily schedule will get severely interrupted

  • You may remain alone for many hours till help arrives to rescue you

  • You may end up asking for help from any strangers in a certain public place

  • You may end up going for expensive repairs because of excessive damage

The following are a few issues that may happen to your wheelchair.

1.Worn out or damaged

To achieve a higher level of comfort, some wheelchair users require additional padding/cushioning material. In case the upholstery on the wheelchair is damaged, you may not be able to get the support you need.

You can easily address this by speaking with any professional wheelchair service provider who can assist you in determining the best solution for you.

2.Unlocked/locked freewheel lever

Although freewheel levers are available on the back of the powered wheelchair that can be a vital tool. Some wheelchair users will be unaware of how they work.

Your engine may have become unresponsive, which may appear to be a significant problem, it is likely that the levers of freewheel must have gotten unlocked. This disables the wheelchair's motor, allowing you to only operate it manually.

3.Battery issues

All powered wheelchairs are powered by batteries, and therefore battery issues are prevalent. It could be as easy as needing a charge, or it could be that the battery no longer holds a charge and has to be replaced. Depending on your patterns of usage, battery difficulties may not be obvious for a minimum of a year, if not longer.

4.Replacement parts

The more you use the wheelchair, the more chances you have to repair worn or broken parts. Your wheelchair's wheels, caster forks, and joystick controller may all be susceptible to damage or premature wear.

If you are having trouble keeping control of the wheelchair, then you can blame the damage from a certain bump or collision.

5.Electrical faults

Electrical problems are very common in powered wheelchairs. Connections can loosen, responsiveness can be erratic, and the wheelchair may stop working altogether. There may be an electrical problem on the inside.

You will need to contact a skilled wheelchair service centre. They can walk you through easy inspections or ask you to undertake a technical evaluation of your wheelchair's electrics.

We hope that surely you liked this post on various tips to remain safe in the wheelchair. Nanjing Yuanlang Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a professional company that is in the business of these motors. If the motor of your wheelchair needs replacement, then you can contact this company to find a compatible motor for your wheelchair.

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