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How To Electric Rickshaw Controller Works

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For those who are not familiar with the electric rickshaw controller, you can first look at the principle and function of the electric vehicle controller. This article has a basic understanding of the controller. The electric rickshaw controller can adjust the speed of the motor through the output voltage of PWM.

Controller satisfies lock line voltage and main circuit voltage supply vehicle, generally have a boot process of self-check, check the hole of the controller, phase line, hand, brake and so on peripheral component is normal, then enter the standby mode, hand to rotate to provide signal, pinch the brakes to cut off the hand rotating mechanical brake block signal when the wheels, the controller according to the location of motor hall element and control the opening of three phase six groups of power MOS tube.

All the function of the signal (the customer's operating instructions) by different operating switch electric car, through the wire transfer to the controller, the controller issued instructions, after internal integration chip operations controller also has the working voltage of power supply circuit provides the whole plate, because the controller and the control drive circuit, current protection circuit is also a very important part of, other chip internal procedures, can be realized according to the different application of writing different functions, the controller chip, the main work is divided into function implementation, condition monitoring, motor control, this is a summary of the driving part of the electric vehicle controller principle,Of course, there are other peripheral circuits inside the electric vehicle controller, and you can see that when you look at the circuit diagram of the electric ridckshaw controller.

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