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How To Select the Right Motor for Your Wheelchair?

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Wheelchairs are becoming increasingly popular, not only among the elderly and crippled, but also among those who are overweight. In the United States alone, there are more than 3.8 million people who weigh more than 300 pounds.

These individuals may require a power wheelchair at some point. To guarantee stability, heavy-duty wheelchairs require additional strengthening. The structure, wheels, suspension, motor, and batteries are all areas that require additional strength.

The motor, if it is not designed properly, will soon fail under excessive weight, which is the most typical concern with users of heavy-duty wheelchairs.

The following steps are to be followed while choosing the motors:

1.Look at its appearance, and if the appearance is pretty rough, then quality is surely  not too good

2.Listen to its sound, when it is placed on certain flat ground. You must not observe any obvious vibration and also no abnormal sound or noise while it is running under no-load conditions.

3.Look at the amount of current it draws. The no-load current should be generally 15 to 20% of its rated current capacity. If you find it too large, then it would mean that the material/manufacturing process was not good.

4.Check the temperature rise. While at no-load conditions, the temperature rise must be minimal. Under the rated condition, the temperature rise must not be too fast, and it has to be within the calibrated range.

5.Based on the capacity of the load, the motor will be allowed to overload at least 20% for a sufficiently long time. Even in this condition, the temperature rise, as well as operating status, must be within quite a reasonable range.

Generally, electric wheelchair motors are divided into 2 types of motors:

•Brush motor

•Brushless motor

When a brushed motor is turned on, the commutator and coil revolve, but the carbon brush and magnetic steel do not, and the brush and commutator will rotate with your motor.Brushless motors, often known as brushless DC motors, are a type of mechatronics device that consists of a motor body and a driver.

The brushless DC motor does not add any starting winding to your rotor like any synchronous motor having heavy-duty starting under a certain variable frequency speed regulator since it will run in a self-controlled way.

Brushed motors are classic items with very consistent performance. While the brushless motor will be a more advanced device that has a longer life span than any brushed motor.

Its control circuit, however, is rather complex, and component ageing and screening requirements are quite stringent. The control circuit will be prone to failure, despite the motor's extended life.

As a result, brushless motors have to pass stringent reliability tests in order to be considered high-quality. They are essentially three-phase AC motors, in which the controller converts the DC input into 3-phase AC and adjusts the phase as per the sensor element available in the motor for making the motor work normally.

The brushless motors have a longer life and more powerful starting power than the brush motor, however, the controller costs more than the brush controller.

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