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How to find the best electric wheelchair motor manufacturer?

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Wheelchairs are growing in popularity, not only with the aged and crippled but also with those who are overweight. In America alone, there are over 3.8 million people weighing over 300 pounds.

The electric wheelchair motor is a very important part of the electric wheelchair and plays a key role in the smooth and long-lasting operation of the electric wheelchair.

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Having access to the right electric wheelchair motor manufacturer can assist you in choosing the best electric wheelchair motor product that will benefit you for a lifetime. We have composed a list of things to look for in a trustworthy electric wheelchair motor manufacturer.

Where can you find electric wheelchair motor manufacturers?



1. Google search

If you search for "China electric wheelchair motor manufacturer" in Google, the first few pages will immediately show the following results:

  • "Best electric wheelchair motor in China";

  • "China professional electric wheelchair motor";

  • "Your trusted electric wheelchair motor in China"

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You can use keywords such as "electric wheelchair motor manufacturers", "electric wheelchair motor suppliers", "electric wheelchair motor wholesalers", etc.

Be sure that you look at least at the first three pages of a Google search. The reason for this is that electric wheelchair motor manufacturers and factory websites are often much further down the search page.

We suggest doing some specific keyword searches also. For instance, you can search for :

A specific keyword search will allow you to narrow down the electric wheelchair manufacturers that produce that particular electric wheelchair motors.

2. B2B marketplaces

Finding the right electric wheelchair motor supplier in China is important as it can determine the start of your business. The resources available online for finding electric wheelchair motor manufacturers have grown considerably.

Here are a few great platforms that will help you find the best supplier in China:

  • Alibaba - can be considered as the world's biggest business-to-business (B2B) portal

  • China Resources - another popular site that organizes connections for businesses as well as  China manufacturers and suppliers

  • HKDC - This site provides a wide catalogue of Chinese suppliers with over a million pieces of information and provides other services such as business matching.

  • Made-in-China - A top B2B portal offering sourcing experts and claims for high-quality products and companies.

3. Sourcing agents

When you need products to be manufactured to precise specifications, a China sourcing agent is the ideal choice. A China-based agent will visit the factory to closely check quality control.

After you give the green light for mass production, the agent again visits the factory to check the raw materials and even inspect the quality of previous batches of products.

4. Trade shows

Trade shows are also an option and its biggest benefit is that you can find great electric wheelchair motor manufacturers which didn't advertise on Alibaba. When you visit trade shows, you get the additional advantage of building relationships, rapport and trust with your suppliers straight away.

Many of the suppliers you encounter at trade shows either have small minimum orders or no minimum orders because they perceive the buyers here to be a more careful and engaged group.

The biggest downside to visiting a trade show is that you in fact must visit China. The epidemic that is spreading around the world right now is making it even more difficult to go to China for trade shows.

A step-by-step guide on how to find the best electric wheelchair motor manufacturer online  


Step 1: Decide what you need

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Before you begin your search and contact manufacturers, you have to determine what size of electric wheelchair motor you want. Not sure about which electric wheelchair motor is the perfect one for you?  

Read our electric wheelchair motor buying guide to make an informed decision. Still confused? Please contact us, our team of specialists will help you decide on the right electric wheelchair motor for your needs.

You should get a clear idea of what you need, as this will help you find the best electric wheelchair motor manufacturer. 

This is important because although electric wheelchair motor manufacturers produce different kinds of electric wheelchair motors, they may not match your specific needs and applications.

Step 2: Analyze your choices

Here are some factors to consider when choosing an electric wheelchair motor manufacturer:


The best electric wheelchair motor manufacturer produces a variety of electric wheelchair motor products. For instance, they also offer wheelchair brushless controllers, electric rickshaw controllers and electric wheelchair kits.


A good electric wheelchair motor manufacturer has a wide range of relevant information about their products on their website. Information about no-load speed, output speed, efficiency, brake type, reduction ratio and other properties is important when buying electric wheelchair motors.

If you can't find this information on the electric wheelchair motor manufacturer's website, you won't be able to decide if their products are right for you.


The services provided by the manufacturer determines your electric wheelchair motor purchasing experience.  A good electric wheelchair motor manufacturing company will keep in touch with their clients throughout the whole purchase cycle. They provide customers with customized transportation and great after-sale support.


A good electric wheelchair motor manufacturer focuses on the feedback from every single customer and is always responsive to clients. They are always trying to make sure that every requirement, question or complaint can be well taken care of in time.

Step 3: Contact the manufacturers you have chosen

After choosing your potential manufacturer, you will need to contact each of them to look for more details. Here are several things you need to cover when you talk to them:

  • Ask for their MOQ or minimum order quantity. Before talking to them, you should already have an estimate of how much and how often you want to buy.

  • Ask for their quotes and verify if they are within your budget.

  • If you have no opinion on the cost, ask for a sample. This is to examine whether the quality of the product and the materials meet your expectations. Inform your manufacturer that you can only proceed with negotiations once you have checked the samples.

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