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How to judge whether the electric rickshaw controller  is good or bad

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There are many ways to really judge whether the electric rickshaw controller  is good or bad, which depends on the height of the maintainer's level. It can be measured with a multimeter, and it can be judged according to the phenomenon of the entire vehicle.

1. The electric vehicle has a lot of noise and the load speed is slow. After the car is stopped, the car cannot start. It can be started during the implementation. This is usually caused by the lack of the phase of the motor wire, that is, one of the three motor phase wires falls off. There is a problem with an internal phase line circuit. After checking that there is no problem with the connection cable, it is likely that the controller itself is faulty.

2. The electric car cart is laborious and the handle cannot be started after power-on. It is also necessary to check whether the motor phase wires are shorted together, or the phase wires are fused together at high temperature, including the power wire, if not. , Unplug the three phase wires of the motor, the laborious phenomenon of the cart disappears, if it still exists, then you need to find the problem of the line or the motor itself.

3. The car can start normally, but it stops immediately after the speed comes together. It may be that the power is insufficient, or the high output voltage of the handle is controlled by the high-speed controller. In addition, there is a case where the line is checked for poor contact. Check whether the wire is melted, it is more necessary to check whether the wire is melted together. Secondly, it is to determine whether the controller is a problem. The problem of the general electric rickshaw controller   will be accompanied by abnormal noise of the motor.

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