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Improved Method Of Electric Tricycle Controller

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Theelectric tricycle controller is a double closed loop control system (brushless: speed/current double closed loop, brush: voltage/current double closed loop). Due to the existence of the current loop, the current can be limited, which can protect the electric vehicle in various normal conditions. Under operating conditions, the maximum current output value will not exceed the set current limit value and realize automatic current limiting, so that under any operating conditions, the battery will not have a discharge process that exceeds the set value current, ensuring the safety of the battery. In addition, due to the cooperation of the double closed loop, the motor can achieve the most ideal starting process and acceleration process, so that the current of the battery can be effectively used, which can increase the mileage of the electric bicycle. Since the commercially available controller is a single closed-loop control system and relies on the current-limiting function of the MC33035 (MC33033) chip, the controller often outputs a large current to the current-limiting protection operating state during startup and acceleration.

Some controllers on the market only have the function of undervoltage protection, that is, when the battery voltage is lower than a certain voltage value (such as 32V), the controller is blocked from working, which makes it easy for users to use the battery’s rising voltage to work (that is, after the battery stops discharging , The battery voltage will rise by 2~3v), causing the battery to over discharge. The controller undervoltage comparison is designed as a voltage hysteresis self-locking comparison, which can effectively avoid the use of battery pick-up voltage.

The brushless and brushless electric vehicle controller designed according to the above improvement has been tested in various load conditions and various road conditions, and it has been proved to have high reliability. Reliable protection can be achieved in the case of locked-rotor operation and direct short circuit of the output terminal, which improves the reliability of the brushless electric bicycle controller in actual operation. The improved controller can completely reduce the failure rate of the controller and reduce The purpose of the vehicle repair rate. In addition, due to the function of the current loop, it can extend the driving distance by nearly 10% compared with the general controllers on the market, and the effect of the current loop is more obvious when there are frequent accelerations and decelerations during driving and repeated up and down slopes.

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