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Introduction to Wheelchair Brushless Controller

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Introduction to Wheelchair Brushless Controller 


MOS tube overcurrent protection. 3. Motor blocking protection. 4.Undervoltage protection. 5. Overvoltage protection.

二.The brake description

In order to ensure safety, the electric braking system and mechanical transmission control the combination of the braking system to achieve the purpose of braking and intelligent parking and anti-rolling.

Principle: The electric brake system uses electronic control to replace the traditional mechanical transmission to control the brake system. When there is a brake signal, the controller automatically sends an electromagnetic brake command, and the motor automatically generates an electromagnetic force opposite to the forward direction to brake smoothly. When the single-chip microcomputer detects that the motor stops rotating, it will immediately start the intelligent parking and anti-rolling system, so that the braking distance is controlled within 1.5 meters when driving at full speed.

Since the electromagnetic ion and non-electric signal in the intelligent parking anti-rolling system is closed (anti-rolling), in the case of no battery, controller damage, or circuit disconnection, there will be no dangers such as loss of control and slipping.

三.Product features

  • The high-quality and unique design demonstrates its charm. We insist on walking at the forefront of fashion, integrating fashion and quality.The styling breaks through the traditional simplicity, adds individual functional features, and takes into account the body curve design in many ways.

  • Using FOC operating system, precise pointing, only need 2 minutes to easily master the operation.

  • Seven intimate designs, ingenious quality, 360-degree no blind spots, free control as you want.

01: 360-degree joystick, easy to operate, stop when you release your hand, no sense of sudden stop, smooth start, smooth speed change, no jam design.

02: Power switch key

03: Battery level display

04: Horn button

05: Acceleration button

06: Deceleration button

07: Speed display


四.Product application areas In the field of industrial control, the controller plays the role of the brain, by processing the received information, through The working frequency of the current is changed by means of rectification and inverter to adjust the speed of the motor. At the same time, the whole process is controlled. The controller is driven by a three-phase brushless motor with one drive and two, which is widely used in electric wheelchairs, scooters, and warehouses. A variety of smart travel scenarios such as stream, golf cart, etc.

五.Matters needing attention 

1. Read the manual

Before operating for the first time, please read the instruction manual carefully. The instruction manual can help you understand the performance of the controller, the operation method, and proper maintenance.

2. Pay attention to the power supply

When you are ready to move to the electric wheelchair, please turn off the power first. Otherwise, if you touch the joystick, it may cause the electric wheelchair to move unexpectedly.

3. Pay attention to speed

 When learning to use it for the first time, you should choose a slower speed to try, move the joystick slightly forward. Let you slowly understand and familiarize yourself with how to control the intensity, and smoothly master the start and stop methods.

六.Daily maintenance

1. When storing outdoors, pay attention to rain and moisture.

2. During driving, transportation and storage, impact, collision and fall should be avoided.

3. Before driving, check whether all connecting plugs and sockets are properly connected or damaged.

4. In case of rain during use, wipe dry in time. Do not use cleaners with corrosive chemical ingredients to clean the surface.

5. For the sake of environmental protection and rational use of renewable resources, when the product is scrapped beyond its service life, the product should be stored

Put it in the recycling department for recycling.

七.Description of fault indication

1. The overall speed indicator light flashes once, power on to prevent runaway.

2. The overall speed indicator light flashes twice, and the left motor Hall is faulty.

3. The speed shows the overall speed, flashing 3 times, and the right motor Hall is faulty.

4. The speed shows the overall speed, flashing 4 times, battery undervoltage fault.

5. The speed indicator shows the overall speed, flashing 5 times, and the left motor lacks phase fault.

6. The overall speed indicator light flashes 6 times, and the right motor lacks phase fault.

7. The overall speed indicator light flashes 7 times, and the left solenoid valve is faulty.

8. The overall speed indicator light flashes 8 times, and the right solenoid valve is faulty.

9. The overall speed indicator light flashes 9 times, and the controller MOS tube fails.

10. The overall speed indicator light flashes 10 times, and the communication is unsuccessful.

八.Outline drawing of the upper control joystick controller (unit: mm)


九.Outline drawing of motor power control controller (unit: mm)


十.Skills requirement

1. Appearance quality

The external surface of the controller should be clean and clean, free from rust, bumps, or cracks, the coating layer should be free from peeling, the fasteners should be firmly connected, the lead terminals should be intact and undamaged, the writing and content of the certificate should be clear and correct, and the dimensions and connections Line model, color symbol and related drawing requirements, and the board surface is flat and abnormally deformed.

2. Controller undervoltage protection function

The controller should have an undervoltage protection function, and the controller should automatically stop working when the controller voltage is reduced to the specified value or below

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