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Introduction to basic functions of electric tricycle controller

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Introduction to basic functions of electric tricycle controller

1. The switch machine

Boot self-check in shutdown state press the power switch, controller, led light for power and speed indicator light goes out after 2 seconds, all the charging mode if self-inspection by buzzer after a short beep sound controller into normal work mode, if the self-test failure, buzzer nights 5 seconds controller into the error model, the specific error types reference 4 controller troubleshooting;

In charging mode, the battery indicator lights up in sequence, indicating that it is in charging state.

Press the power switch in the power-on state, all the indicators will be off, and the system will shut down.

2. Basic operation of driving

When the control handle pushes forward, the wheelchair moves forward. At this time, the controller controls the solenoid valve to pull in, remove the brake and drive the motor to make the wheelchair move forward. The greater the push distance of the handle, the greater the speed of the wheelchair.

Similarly, when the handle is pushed back, the wheelchair is pushed back, and when the handle is pushed left and right, the wheelchair turns.

Release the control handle and the driver gives the motor a brake force. When the wheelchair stops, control the solenoid valve to release and lock the motor to prevent the wheelchair from slipping.

The control handle cannot control wheelchair movement in the following three situations.

The vehicle is in charging state. 2. The battery is too low. 3

3. Speed adjustment

The maximum speed of the wheelchair can be controlled by speed plus and speed minus buttons.

The speed indicator is used to indicate the current maximum speed.

Speed control has 5 gears. Press speed and press button speed to increase one gear. When the speed reaches 5 gears, it will not increase.

When the speed is added or reduced, the buzzer will give a short sound, and the sound when the speed is controlled to limit 1 or 5 is different from the normal sound.

4. Battery power display

The power indicator indicates the amount of power in the battery. The more lights on, the more power.

When the battery is about to run out, only one light will turn on. If the battery continues to decrease, the last light will blink. Meanwhile, the buzzer will intermittently alarm that it needs to be recharged.

When the battery power is lower than the minimum power required for normal operation, the last light flashes quickly and the buzzer alerts the vehicle to stop running.

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