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Maintenance method of electric tricycle controller

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Maintenance method of electric tricycle controller

One: When the electric vehicle brush controller does not output

1. Set the multimeter to +20 rounds (DC), first measure the high and low potentials of the output signal of the brake lever.

2. If the brake lever signal has a potential change of more than 4V when pinching the brake lever, the brake lever failure can be eliminated.

3. Then, according to the function table of common controller pins on the brush controller, conduct circuit analysis with the measured voltage values of the master controller chip, and check whether the peripheral devices (resistance, capacitance, diode) of each chip and the values of the components The markings on the surface are consistent.

4. Finally, check the peripheral device or integrated circuit for failure, we can eliminate the failure by replacing the device of the same model.

Two: When the brushless controller of the electric vehicle has no output at all

1. Refer to the main phase inspection and measurement diagram of the brushless motor controller, and use a multimeter DC voltage +50V file to detect whether the grid voltage of the 6-channel MOS tube corresponds to the rotation angle of the handlebar.

2. If there is no right, it means that the PWM circuit or MOS tube drive circuit in the controller is faulty.

3. Refer to the main phase inspection diagram of the brushless controller, measure whether the voltage of the input and output pins of the chip has a corresponding relationship with the rotation angle of the handle, you can determine which chips are faulty, and replace the chips of the same model to eliminate the fault.

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