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Method for identifying of electric tricycle controller

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1. Carefully observe the workmanship

The workmanship of a controller reflects the strength of a company. Under the same conditions, the electric tricycle controller  is definitely not as good as the products of large companies; the hand-soldered product is definitely not as good as the wave soldered product; the exquisite appearance controller is better than the product that does not pay attention to the appearance; A thick controller is better than a controller that cuts corners and materials; a controller with a heavy radiator is better than a controller with a light radiator, etc. Companies that are pursuing materials and processes have relatively high credibility, which can be seen by comparison. .

2. Contrast temperature rise

Use the electric tricycle controller   and the original controller to conduct a heat blocking and forwarding test under the same conditions. Both controllers remove the radiator, use a car, prop up the foot, and first turn the handle to reach the highest speed. Brake, do not brake to death, lest the controller enters the stall protection, maintain at a very low speed for 5 seconds, release the brake, quickly reach the highest speed, then brake again, repeat the same operation, such as 30 times, check the highest temperature of the radiator point.

Comparing the data of the two controllers, the lower the temperature, the better. The test conditions should ensure the same current limit, the same battery capacity, and the same car, starting the test from a cold car, maintaining the same braking force and time. At the end of the test, check the tightness of the screws that fix the mos. The more loose it is, the worse the temperature resistance of the insulating plastic particles is. In long-term use, this will cause the mos to be damaged due to heat in advance. Then install the radiator, repeat the above test, compare the radiator temperature, which can investigate the heat dissipation design of the electric tricycle controller .

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