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One of the common faults of the electric tricycle controller

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Question: electric tricycle controller do not take much effort to energize, and the sound of "tick kick" is made during the implementation.

Diagnosis and maintenance: The occurrence of this situation is that the motor wire is short-circuited due to contact with the virtual connection. You can unplug the three thick phase wires of the motor. The laborious phenomenon of the cart disappears, indicating that the controller is broken. Please replace it. If it is still difficult to implement, the problem of the motor may be caused by the short circuit of the motor coil and burnout.

Tips: Turning on the wheels without turning on the power is mostly an internal fault of the controller. Do not forcibly pull the car under the condition of turning. You can pull out any two of the three thick wires of the motor to make it light! Otherwise, forcibly driving will scrap the motor at the same time!

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