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What are the common faults of the electric rickshaw controller

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At present, some companies are also researching and developing electric vehicle fault detection equipment. The better effect is the electric rickshaw controller of Yuanlang Electronics. However, as an electric vehicle maintenance master, it should still master the diagnosis and maintenance technology. Friends, discuss the common fault diagnosis and maintenance skills of the controller:

Problem 1: The electric vehicle rides with a lot of noise and the load speed becomes slower. After the car stops, the car cannot start at zero, and the motor can work normally only after the motor turns up.

Diagnosis and maintenance: This is a symptom of phase loss of the motor. Now the controller is mostly intelligent, and it will jitter due to zero phase start. This may be caused by the damage of the motor hall, and there is a possibility that there is a problem in a phase line circuit inside the controller. After carefully checking whether there is any problem with the connection cable, if both the Hall and the connection cable are detected normally, then the internal components of the controller have failed, please replace the controller!


Tips: When replacing the electric tricycle controller, be sure to fix it, it is best to use the "slip" screw to tighten the slip, to avoid bad road conditions and bumps caused by the controller original welding short circuit damage! At the same time, some of the functions should be connected as much as possible, do not try to save trouble, and the function is not complete. I think the motor is just fine, the brake is powered off, the cruise is fixed, the third gear speed, etc. must also be connected! Avoid trouble and damage during the next three guarantee period. Effortless after-sale service!

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