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What is the difference between Wheelchar brushless motor and brush motor

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With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and fierce market competition, many companies and merchants have not only made a fuss about product prices and appearance, but also advertised on the small details of electric vehicles. The most common is the promotion of brushless and  Wheelchar brushless motor, and the advertising of brushless motors is one of the highlights. When you see this term, you can't help thinking that if there is brushless, there must be brushed. So what is the difference between brushed and brushless?

 Wheelchar brushless motor When the motor is working, the coil and commutator rotate, but the magnet and carbon brushes do not rotate. The alternating current direction of the coil is changed by the inverter and brushes that rotate with the motor. In the electric vehicle industry, brush motors are divided into high-speed brush motors and low-speed brush motors. There are many differences between brushed motors and brushless motors. From the name, you can see that brushed motors have carbon brushes, and brushless motors do not have carbon brushes.

The brushless DC motor is composed of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic product. Because the brushless DC motor runs in a self-control mode, it will not add a start winding to the rotor like a synchronous motor that is started under heavy load under variable frequency speed regulation, nor will it oscillate and lose step when the load changes suddenly.

The Wheelchar brushless motoris an upgraded product, and its life performance is better than that of the brush motor. However, its control circuit is more complicated, and the requirements for aging and screening of components are stricter. Although the motor has a long life, the control circuit is prone to malfunction. Therefore, the selection of brushless motors must undergo rigorous reliability tests to ensure quality. , But with the continuous upgrading of technology a few steps, the brushless motor technology has become quite mature. In the actual production process, because the brushed and toothed DC motor is a high-speed motor, the teeth of the gear are small and easy to wear, but the force is large and the climbing ability is strong. The brushless DC motor saves the trouble of replacing the carbon brushes in two or three years during use. However, due to the process of controlling the brushless motor, extremely high precision is required. Moreover, the price of brushless motor controllers is also higher. In contrast, the brushless DC motor, although the carbon brush needs to be replaced, it is very easy to replace the carbon brush, and the control of the motor is relatively simple, the motor runs smoothly, and the safety factor is high.

the Wheelchar brushless motor means that the motor has a DC input, and the controller that controls it can adjust the speed only by providing it with large and small currents; and a brushless motor is actually a three-phase AC motor, and the controller converts DC into three-phase AC. And according to the sensor Hall element in the motor to perform commutation to make the motor run normally. Directly speaking, the brushless motor has a longer life than the brushed motor and saves power at the beginning, but the controller is more expensive than the brushed controller. At present, all the current controllers are brushless, and those with brushes have been basically eliminated. The electric vehicle controller is the core control device used to control the start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices of the electric vehicle. It is like the brain of the electric vehicle and an important part of the electric vehicle.


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