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Yuanlang’s words:Good products are carefully designed

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The controller is the brain of the electric vehicle and the most technical electric device in the complete vehicle parts. It directly affects the performance, endurance, and control of the electric vehicle. Yuanlang, which has been rooted in the controller field for many years, has a top-level industrial design and product design team to create products that lead the industry with high value and high performance.


The controller is well designed to have high performance

Good product design not only improves product reliability, but also facilitates the production of product automation, and puts forward higher requirements on the production process of products, so good products are designed


Yuanlang, as one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in controller R & D and production, has been cultivating controllers for 18 years. It not only has strong technical strength, but also has the industry's top appearance and structure design team. The concept has been intensively studied, and has repeatedly created high-value, high-performance explosive products, which has established a good reputation in many vehicle companies.


Full-time international design team, excellent appearance of controller industry

Unlike the simple assembly method of many small factories, Yuanlang controller not only has its own research and development team, but also has an independent design department, which is responsible for the appearance design, structural design and production process design of the controller, so as to ensure from cutting to finished products. In the whole process, each ring is perfectly connected to ensure that the product design is realized without compromise.


Yuanlang's industrial design team understands technology and understands aesthetics. The appearance of the controller determines the grade of a car to a large extent. The Yuanlang design team understands this reason. Each product is designed by a designer who has won the "German Red Dot Award". The new national standard will be implemented in 2019. Later, Yuanlang launched the "Little Steel Cannon" anti-tamper controller, which has become a celebrity controller in the industry with a subversive shape, a new plug-in outlet design and seamless pressing of the upper and lower covers. First-tier brand high-end cars are rushing to adopt.


While designing products, Yuanlang Company introduced the design of automated production lines, integrated the product technology and automated production lines, and created an unprecedented production mode in the industry. It achieved automatic product production, full quality control tracking, and flexible production. Not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also improve product quality, to meet the requirements of vehicle manufacturers for controller product quality and supply capacity.


Sum Up

The Yuanlang controller was designed by a design team that has won the German Red Dot Award and is produced on a fully automatic digital production line. The controller is the best proof of the quality of Yuanlang.


With higher quality products and stronger supply capabilities, Yuanlang will surely provide a strong guarantee for the development of OEM and lead the industry in the direction of high-end.

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