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Yuanlang’s words: Over 19 years of technology precipitation, only for subversion

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Yuanlang, the first practitioner in the controller industry to build a digital factory. Over 19 years of deep cultivation in the industry, strong technical precipitation and brand heritage, Yuanlang, was born only for subversion!


Yuanlang, born for subversion

Yuanlang, as one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in R & D and production of electric vehicle control systems, has been deeply cultivating the industry for many years, and has forged a profound technical deposit and brand heritage for it. It can occupy an advantageous position in the industry transformation no matter when it is. In the new national standard era, the leader in the controller industry, Yuanlang, naturally took the lead in taking the lead, adapting to the trend through transformation, and strategically gaining insight into the future, becoming the benchmark for smart factories in the controller industry.

Yuanlang took the lead in layout and preempted the occupation of the blue ocean. Under the all-round development of strategies, products, brands and other dimensions, the continuous breakthroughs and innovations in technology are one of the root driving forces for the unremitting development of Yuanlang. It can be said that it is precisely 19 years of technological precipitation that is destined for Yuanlang to be subverted in the era of the new national standard.


Yuanlang: Technical expertise, a winning way

In the 19 years of Yuanlang ’s brand development, there have been numerous technical achievements. It is precisely the focus on research and innovation of technology that allows Yuanlang to develop rapidly, achieve products with technology, and win the market with products.

1.Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Field Oriented Control Technology Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Field Oriented Control Technology (PMSM FOC --- Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Field Oriented Control), a CAN bus-based communication system for electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. Three-phase vector sine wave current output, the motor runs smoothly and the torque ripple is small; built-in 32-bit ARM microcomputer main control chip.

2. Mechatronics control technology, namely motor + controller integration technology, vehicle permanent magnet synchronous motor control system based on giant magneto-resistive sensor. The original Hall element in the motor can be omitted, and the position of the rotor can be detected by using GMR, which can solve the high fault point of the motor and improve the reliability of the motor. In addition, the Hall element connecting wiring harness can be omitted, simplifying the manufacturing process and equipment process of the motor, and improving the production efficiency.

3. Closed loop control technology current loop, excitation loop, speed loop. Direct torque control, fast dynamic torque response, high system efficiency and good driving control performance; with energy feedback braking, the motor and controller heat generation is significantly reduced in the EBS state, and the energy feedback efficiency is high.

4. The controller software positioning technology uses the controller software positioning process, which simplifies the motor assembly and debugging process, improves the detection accuracy of the rotor position, and improves the overall performance of the electronic control system.


Yuanlang: The strongest technology, endorsement of strength

Yuanlang ’s technical achievements are numerous, but there is one technology that is particularly different. In the context of the new national standard that restricts electric vehicles, Yuanlang ’s anti-tamper controller stands out, not only favored by many vehicle brands in the industry It was also honored by CCTV and became the focus of attention of authoritative media.

On April 15, 2019, the new national standard for electric vehicles was officially implemented. Among them, the standardization of the electronic control system has become one of the important provisions of the new national standard of electric vehicles. The controller is the "brain" of the electric vehicle and the key of the electric control system, which is very important for the battery life and riding experience.

Less than half a month after the implementation of the new national standard, Yuanlang landed on the "Consumption Proposition" program of CCTV2 financial channels, which included a special report on the actual implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles. The controller is also widely concerned. Compared with the controller under the old standard system, Yuanlang's "small steel cannon" fully meets the "tamper-proof" requirements strictly stipulated in the new national standard through its ingenious structural design, which not only greatly promotes The technological innovation and upgrade of the industry has become the first choice for many high-end equipments of well-known vehicle manufacturers.


Sum Up

Technological innovation is the soul and vitality of enterprise development. With 19 years of technology precipitation, Yuanlang has focused on the field of controller technology with undisputed heart, and has finally become a master of the industry's technical strength, leading the industry by itself. In the future, Yuanlang will continue to continue its 19 years of technical style and become a high-end brand at the forefront of the industry!

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