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  • Electric Bicycle Controller: Everything You need To Know


    An electric bicycle controller is a component that links all the electrical pieces on a bike together. It links parts such as the battery, motor, throttle, display, pedal assist and various sensors. An e-bike controller is a small computer acting as the heart of the bicycle. It manages the overall function of the bike. Read More

  • How to find the best electric wheelchair motor manufacturer?


    The electric wheelchair motor is a very important part of the electric wheelchair and plays a key role in the smooth and long-lasting operation of the electric wheelchair. Having access to the right electric wheelchair motor manufacturer can assist you in choosing the best electric wheelchair motor product that will benefit you for a lifetime. We have composed a list of things to look for in a trustworthy electric wheelchair motor manufacturer. Nanjing Yuanlang Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a domestic professional enterprise engaged in development, production and sales of electric vehicle speed control systems and control systems at the earliest. Read More

  • How Can You Troubleshoot Your Electric Wheelchair?


    Wheelchairs can be the most crucial and freeing day-to-day tool for those with mobility concerns or disabilities, but problems will always arise. Whether the wheelchair's mechanisms have failed or you are experiencing difficulties with the chair's comfort, frequent wheelchair flaws can make them far Read More

  • How Can You Install and Replace the Electric Motor in Wheelchair?


    Wheelchair failures can cause injury and hinder movement and social involvement for any electric wheelchair motor user. Poor wheelchair maintenance raises the danger of wheelchair malfunction, physical damage, or death, as well as medical care cost. Between 1991 and 2016, the number of wheelchair users who were wo Read More

  • Read To Learn How Electric Wheelchair Motor Function


    While buying a wheelchair is not something to always look forward to, however, it is an answer to all of yours or your loved one's mobility issues. Whether you are purchasing an electric wheelchair for your friend or any loved one, you will get to learn a lot about how they work before making such a Read More

  • How To Select the Right Motor for Your Wheelchair?


    Wheelchairs are becoming increasingly popular, not only among the elderly and crippled, but also among those who are overweight. In the United States alone, there are more than 3.8 million people who weigh more than 300 pounds.These individuals may require a power wheelchair at some point. To guaran Read More

  • Which Motor is Used in Wheelchair?


    The electric wheelchair is a necessary means of transportation in the life of every person with limited mobility. It is driven by a battery-powered motor and can be self-propelled, allowing users to move around more independently and easily. Read More

  • Differences Between the Wheelchair Brushless Motor and The Wheelchair Brush Motor


    As electric wheelchair prevails, the competition in the electric wheelchair market become more fierce. Many businesses have tried to adjust the price and the look of their electric wheelchairs. Even, some highlight special parts of their products to attract customers, for example, the wheelchair bru Read More

  • 5 Tips Repair of Electric Vehicle Controller


    When there is no output from the electric vehicle controller,Set the multimeter at +20 hair(DC), first measure the high and low potential of the gate output signal. If the gate signal has more than 4V potential change when pinching the gate, then the gate fault can be excluded. Read More

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