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  • Reasons for failure of electric vehicle controllers


    Electric bicycles have many inconspicuous, but very important small parts and electric bicycle controllers are one of them. Don't look at the controller inconspicuously, but your electric bicycle can be started, advanced, retreated, and stopped. So what are the reasons that can cause the failure of Read More

  • What is the difference between Wheelchar brushless motor and brush motor


    With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and fierce market competition, many companies and merchants have not only made a fuss about product prices and appearance, but also advertised on the small details of electric vehicles Read More

  • Electric tricycle controller system composition


    The control system of electric vehicle motor generally consists of electric motor, power converter, sensor and controllerThe electric vehicle motor control system should choose a more appropriate microprocessor system according to the complexity of its control algorithm. The simpler one can choose t Read More

  • Improved Method Of Electric Tricycle Controller


    The controller adopts a double closed loop control system (brushless: speed/current double closed loop, brush: voltage/current double closed loop). Due to the existence of the current loop, the current can be limited, which can protect the electric vehicle in various normal conditions. Under operati Read More

  • 3 Tips Recognition method of electric tricycle controller


    Observe the back pressure control abilityChoose a car with a higher power, unplug the battery, choose a charger to power the electric car, and connect the e-abs enable terminal to ensure that the brake lever switch is in good contact. Rotate the handle slowly. Too fast the charger cannot output a l Read More

  • Method for identifying of electric tricycle controller


    1. Carefully observe the workmanshipThe workmanship of a controller reflects the strength of a company. Under the same conditions, the workshop controller is definitely not as good as the products of large companies; the hand-soldered product is definitely not as good as the wave soldered product; t Read More

  • Improved method of electric tricycle controller


    The electric vehicle controller should be comprehensively designed taking into account the actual use of the battery and the motor. The relationship between the battery, the controller, and the motor should be fully considered, and they should be designed as a comprehensive system to obtain a more i Read More

  • Development of related technologies for electric tricycle controllers


    In the traditional control unit development process, the serial development mode is usually adopted, that is, first according to the application needs, the system requirements are proposed and the corresponding function definitions are carried out, and then the hardware design is carried out, and th Read More

  • 2 Tips Maintenance method of electric tricycle controller


    Maintenance method of electric tricycle controller Read More

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